This list is incomplete, and will probably always be incomplete. It's simply not possible to link to everything I love, but over time I'll do my best. Many more to come!

Home Bases
Writing Communities Online
Resources for Writers
Performance Poetry
Writers I Adore
Literary Magazines
Actually Cool Blogs


Home Bases

The Legendary - The online literary magazine you want to see your work in, really. - Site artist Allison Hancock's Graphic Design portfolio. She will create a similar site for you at prices starting at $150. Contact her at She's not only super hot, she's also awesome.


Writing Communities Online - spaces for growth, practice, and community.

SCRAWL: The Writers Asylum - A rowdy forum featuring intense workshopping, prompted flash exercises, rowdy banter, and so much more. This site offers free membership, but approval is not guaranteed. Not a place for the narrow minded, the faint of heart, or the casual dabbler.

Outsider Writers - Hearth and home for underground writers everywhere. Includes a huge social network of like-minded, literary-dork people!

Show Me Your Lits! - A weekly flash challenge with a Mardi Gras theme. This place is super fun!


Resources for Writers - info and resources we all need. more coming soon.

duotrope's digest - THE searchable database of fiction and poetry markets.

The Whole 9 - common ground for creative people.

Funds for Writers- A website and newsletter about...funds...for writers!

LitList - an online network of literary journals, book publishers, online literary journals, and writers, that gives literary publishers and writers new ways to interact. - you will need one eventually.


Performance Poetry - mmmm, words on a stage...mmm.

Indiefeed Performance Poetry - Mmmmm, performance poetry....mmmm....

Poetry Slam Inc. - the official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization charged with overseeing the international coalition of poetry slams.

National Poetry Slam - NPS 2010 expects a record number of teams from throughout the US and Europe as it engages over 15,000 audience members during the five-day event. NPS 2010 will be held in St. Paul, Minnesota. - Mark Kelly Smith, Founder of the Poetry Slam Movement. History of Slam.

Literary Death Match - co-created by Opium’s founding editor, Todd Zuniga (pictured), Elizabeth Koch & Dennis DiClaudio, marries the literary and performative aspects of Def Poetry Jam, rapier-witted quips of American Idol’s judging (without any meanness), and the ridiculousness and hilarity of Double Dare.


Writers I Adore - Obviously I adore many more writers. This section will grow quickly.

Diane di Prima - The Holy Mother.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti - The man himself.

Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz - A poetic Goddess of extreme badassedness.

Patricia Smith - Wow.

Jason Carney - No website, just YouTube. Wonderful, wonderful words.

Buddy Wakefield - This guy makes me cry, and he puts on an amazing show.

Wes "Mongo" Jolley - Keep up with this incredible character.


Literary Magazines - The places I've been, and some of the places I'd like to be soon.

The Moose & Pussy - Sex! We love sex! Canada's Sex Enthusiasts' Journal.

Girls with Insurance -" a magazine focusing on humor, silliness, stilted declarations, sly foxes, fiction, poetry, pop culture, and everything which causes orgasms the world over." I love the way these folks do things. Check them out, they really are like revolutionaries of the word.

The New Flesh - A home for the odd. A super groovy home.

Big Muddy - A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley. Edited by the phenomenal Dr. Susan Swartwout, a mentor.

Metazen - Makes me happy, in a very specific and odd sort of wonderful way.


Mud Luscious - Experimental, slipstream, crossgenre.

Mslexia - Women only.

The Waterhouse Review - Lovely place to read.

errant parent - If you aren't exactly a 'bad' parent, but no body would call you a 'normal' parent.

Off Beat Pulp - Exactly what it sounds like! Oh, so good.

Beat to a Pulp - Mmmm, a weekly dose of pulpy goodness.

Night Train - The best of words, in my opinion.

Blue Earth Review - I once got a very nice rejection letter from them. I appreciate their spirit.

Gutter Eloquence - The name says it all.

The Wilderness House Literary Review - Literary goodness.

Negative Suck - For writers who don't suck and who write things that don'tsuck.

Kill Poet - Killing your perceptions of poetry, in a really great way.

Shoots & Vines - By the amazing Crystal Folz.

The CommonLine Project - diverse types of writing, placing significant emphasis on the experience of the working-class person.

Flash Fire 500 - This blog rocks, yo.

You Must Be This Tall To Ride - Literary 'coming of age' stories. Love!

Fried Chicken and Coffee - This blog gets me in the guts.

Bartleby Snopes - A lit mag I like, lots.

Word Riot - publishing the forceful voices of up-and-coming writers and poets.

Breadcrumb Scabs - a poetry magazine about the human condition.

Unheard Magazine - fresh and edgy.

The Flash Fiction Offensive - "The kind of stories you tell when you're with your pals down at the bar, knocking back your thirteenth beer."

Fringe - They reject me, but I like them anyway.

PANK - Just...just...good. Like chocolate. No, brandy. Yeah.

Yellow Mama - cutting edge, erotica, hardboiled, horror, literary, noir, psychological/horror.

The Poetry Warrior - This gal can pick some poetry. My fingers are crossed for a new issue. Please, gods?

The Splinter Generation - A literary magazine for writers born between 1973 and 1993. Fun reading, great writing.

The Fiction Circus - I call this revolutionary. I also call it old school. I should just call it great.

Callused Hands - Words ordinary folk want to read.


Actually Cool Blogs - I swear! (More Soon)

Live Nude Poems - Rusty Barnes, who makes us happy.

No More Hot Lunches For Eddie Socko - Mel Bosworth, quite an amazing guy.

The Legendary Jim Parks - My friend. Co-founder of The Legendary literary magazine.

Bl Pawelek - Dude can write.


Presses - Mmmm.... books.

Write Bloody Publishing - I swear, I love everyone they publish and everything they do.

Soft Skull Press - gotta love a press with giant balls.

Mud Luscious Press - Editet by J.A. Tyler...nuff said. He rocks.