Holy literary miracles! Night Train is back, and I'm one of the new Associate Editors!


Well, many things have happened. Let us not dwell upon the past, however, for the future is ahead.

Yeah, I'm back at it officially with a bunch of life under my belt and ready to turn into words. More news to come!


It's a great day to talk about my accomplishments! I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about being in Pack 5 of the Pachydermini Mini Book Series from Turtleneck Press. It's well worth the donation! And it's interactive...which is always SO MUCH FUN!

I am no less excited about having a story in the Summer 2012 edition of Negative Suck. It's one of my very favorite flash pieces, written at the incomparable SCRAWL: The Writer's Asylum.

I hope you enjoy both of these recent publications as much as I do!


I really suck at self promotion. Wait...I think maybe I've said that before. Read new work be me at wonderful The Waterhouse Review, and the innovative THIS Literary Magazine!

Soon you can find fiction from me at Negative Suck, and as a Turtleneck Press Pachydermini Book. Poetry coming soon from one of my favorite venues, Metazen. And still forthcoming, poetry by me in Pitbull Magazine and Kerouac's Dog Magazine.


Happy Belated Stupid Love Day! Don't you think you should head over to Red Fez and read my most recently poublished poem? I do.


I'm simply dreadful at this whole self promotion thing, but that isn't actually news to anyone.

Tons of actual news over the last three months, starting with the biggest... PANK 6 is here! Really, my copy came in the mail today and it is beautiful! Of course, it's also full of amazing stories and poems. One of them is mine! One of them is Sherman Alexie's. Yes, I have climbed a rung on the writer ladder. It's my favorite so far. Seriously...buy PANK 6!

In other, just as special to me, news... I have a whole five poems in the current issue of the beloved Zygote in My Coffee. Also, The Best of Speech Bubble: Issues One, Two and Three is available!

And still forthcoming, poetry by me in Pitbull Magazine and Kerouac's Dog Magazine.


I'm blissfully honored to be a part of The Best of Speech Bubble: Issues One, Two and Three. Look for it on November 1st, or click here for more info!


Celebrating some acceptances! The Splinter Generation and Pitbull Magazine readers will soon be seeing some of my poetry.

Also, and I don't know how it happened, I somehow neglected to post a link to my poem in Subliminal Interiors back in June. Read it anyway!


Fuck, I'm a slacker. I suck at self promotion. In my defense...um...I'm a busy girl. Yeah.

So, I don't know if anyone actually reads these updates. It's a mystery. Just in case, here is a list of my glorious accomplishments since last I posted...

Just last night Issue 8 of Milk Sugar went live, and I'm honored to be included! CHeck out the current issue of The Ranfurly Review to read oodles of stellar work, and three tiny fiction pieces by me! Finally, I have a little naughty poem in the 4th Issue of Vapid Kitten.

Still forthcoming, work included in Kerouac's Dog Magazine and PANK.

Next up: writing, submitting, thinking...and leaning...toward a chapbook.


Read me in Speech Bubble! I'm right up top! Yay!


I'm a bit behind in my news! This is me playing catch-up. Find new poetry from me at Underground Voices and LITSNACK! Also, look for fiction from me at The Waterhouse Review, Full of Crow, The Flash Party, and The Molotov Cocktail.

I also have work forthcoming from Speech Bubble, Vapid Kitten, The Ranfurly Review, Kerouac's Dog Magazine, Milk Sugar, and PANK.

Thanks to all the editors who have recently believed in my work, and to all the readers out there who just might read me!


Find my creepy little story Just Kidding at Pulp Metal Magazine!


Read recent work from me at Borderline, THE place to go if you want to read persona poetry. I'm also celebrating acceptances from Underground Voices and Pulp Metal Magazine, which should be up soon!


My youngest kiddo is 7 today. Happy Birthday to her, and to my tubal ligation!

There are other great reasons for my bubbly happiness! I have poems up in the current issue of Off Beat Pulp, which is an amazing honor, and also on the fantastic LITSNACK! Go! Read! Enjoy!


My story, "Her Billie Dove", was accepted by the fantastic Scotish mag, The Waterhouse Review. It should appear around the beginning of April. Check out all the good words already there for your reading pleasure!


Well, it's been 2011 for a couple weeks and I'm finally happy with the new year. Read some recent or recent-ish words from me at Gutter Eloquence and Negative Suck. Look for me soon in LITSNACK and Off Beat Pulp.


I've been sick as a closeted republican in a glory hole since September. Better now. The list of publication credits on the About Me page is current, if you're into that sort of thing.


New twisted fiction in Issue 21 of the awesome badassery that is Yellow Mama.


New poem about erectile dysfunction in Issue 20 of the amazing Breadcrumb Scabs. You can download a copy for free, or purchase here. It's so much fun to hold it in your hands. (That's what she said! Hahaha, I couldn't help myself.)


New fiction by me at Bartleby Snopes! Check out Jasper's Egg, and everything else. It's all awesome! Don't forget to visit again on the 21st to vote for the Bartleby Snopes story of the month.


Check out my flash, Seven Dates, in Girls with Insurance. GwI is a truly badass literary magazine with a badass philosophy and badass editors. I've been a fan for awhile, and I'm so pleased to be there!


Well, the biggest news I have right now is...Hey guys! I have a website! But, if you're reading this you've probably figured that out.

The Girl Circus was born as a poem, is now a website, and will soon be a chapbook.

Here you can find out who I am, read samples of my work, keep up with my doings, and gawk at the hot circus girls. Who doesn't like hot circus girls?

The site was designed and built by the truly amazing Allison Hancock. Click here if you want one like it!

Check out The Legendary Issue 13! Issue 14 goes live on February 20, 2010.

Katie Moore